How long does the Kharma Foundation exsist? The Kharma Foundation did their first little charitable event in 2007.

Is the Kharma Foundation a registered Charity? No, the KF is not registered. Thai laws are difficult for Charities, lots of costs to register, accounting costs. We want every penny, cent and Baht to reach the kids and not be wasted on non essential stuff.

Why do you request donations before you go to the Schools? It is simple: we NEVER give money to the schools, so everything we bring needs to be purchased. And for the building projects, they need to start well in advance so we can see the results when we visit. This is the reason we request donations a few months before the actual visit.

How will my donations be spent? As mentioned above, we do not pass on your donations to the teachers, as there is no guarantee it will reach the kids. We work with targets and with wish lists from the schools. The first target is usually food, toys, school material, sports equipment, clothing and first aid kits. The targets after that are based on the wishes of the school like a dormitory or other building projects. Then when there is enough money, the next target is playground equipment as there is no happier kid than a kid in a brand new playground.

Who are the volunteers? The volunteers over the years have varied some, but the have in common that they are great, selfless people that pay for their own travel up and down to the Schools, they hunt for donations, they are willing to endure a tough travel and they are happy when we see the joy in the kids eyes. Without the volunteers we couldn’t do this. We salute them. Lucy, Scott, Mark, Charlie, Sompong and many others: you are appreciated!