The Kharma Foundation is a non-profit group of volunteers in Thailand that once a year try to help children in impoverished areas of Thailand, mainly focusing on the Northern regions close to the war torn borders of Myanmar. Over the 15 year running we have had many faces that have traveled far and wide to help. We thank them all from the bottoms of our heart and we think all donors would agree and we are sure the 3000+ children will agree!

Next Kharma Foundation Project:

01-Dec-2023: Exciting news! The Kharma Foundation is back! Our dedicated volunteers are eager to continue the mission post-Covid. The recent return of civil war in Myanmar has intensified the stress upon the Northern border regions, making our support vital for the often forgotten kids of the hill tribes.
We are happy to invite you to be part of our Kharma family once more.

Our commitment is simple: 100% of your donation directly reaches the children; No overhead, No marketing, No lease cars – just pure impact. This year, our focus is on 2 schools Baan Mae La Na & Baan Amya, both facing their challenges right near the Myanmar border.

Your help will provide better dormitories for the kids, upgraded facilities for teaching, desks, chairs, and more study and sports equipment for these schools. Additionally, we welcome donations of food, clothing, and toys – 2nd hand or new. Let’s embark on this journey together. We plan to visit the schools in March 2024, trying to make a tangible impact before the rainy season.

Share our cause with friends and family as you know us and 100% of a donation will actually reach their goals, which sadly is rare in charity-land. Let’s make 2024 a year of positive change for these children. Join us in creating small miracles for kids that deserve a little more support.
Together we can do amazing things!