The Kharma Foundation is a non-profit group of volunteers in Thailand that once a year try to help children in poverty. Over the 15 year running we have had many faces that have traveled far and wide to help. We thank them all from the bottoms of our heart and we think all donors would agree and we are sure the 3000+ children will agree!

Next Kharma Foundation Project:

2023 – 2024… YES! After a long hiatus due to Covid we are happy to announce that the Kharma volunteers will return with a new project. With the world unstable and Thailand recovering from a years long shutdown the border region schools have suffered more than others. With the coup and civil war in Myanmar the area has been flooded with refugees which puts more pressure on the whole region and even less money and care finds it to the kids in the border schools. The Kharma Foundation together with your help tries to help!