Kharma Foundation 2013

Taken at Baan Hua Grataai, Mae Hong Son

Baan Hua Grataai is a small village with a school and orphanage, deep in the mountains near Myanmar. A very laid back place with very kind people.
Everybody was so happy we came to help their kids. But we also had stuff for the grownups like clothing.

We sent money ahead so the teachers had already started building the second big project we have done in our 7th year; a brand new kindergarten building for the youngest children. Again a solid new building that will stand the test of time for a few decades. Just imagine how many children will pass through… Hopefully on their way to a better future.

Again, a great response of our volunteers. Again, a successful trip thanks to a huge team effort. The cooking crew, building crew, teaching crew and others made it to a success.

Besides the kindergarten, we had the most beautiful mushroom house, fish pond, pig house, chicken house, chickens, pigs, bunk beds for the girls and boys, mattresses, clothing, blankets, shoes, and so and so on. We had so much stuff; we completely restocked the whole school.

We did a medical checkup and tested their eye sight, we had glasses for the kids that needed them, food, drinks, and it was a feast. But of course, the biggest feast for the children was the playground. What a great success that turns out to be every year. From sunrise to sunset, that is never without a smiling child!!

We got to have a day of sports with the kids and we beat the village in a rope pulling match… with a bit of cheatingĀ šŸ˜‰

The project got finished in time…. and Baan Hua Grataai had won a place in our hearts.

Thank you all for making these years possible may 7 more follow and 7 more!!

From the Volunteers: Khap Khun Krap!!