Kharma Foundation 2012

Taken at Baan Mae Gon, Mae Hong Son

Baan Mae Gon II…

We had to return. The kids and the place were in our minds all year. Washing in the river, the bridge, the smiles, the teachers, it was all too tempting to return…

This year we had a great support from donors so we were able to build a brand new dormitory for the boys from teak wood. This will be there in 15/20 years from now. Now that is helping! That is value for money.

We build a playground that was a HUGE success. The kids loved it and loved us. Probably the best thing ever!

The volunteers were just super stars. They worked tirelessly for four days and we finished the project just in time to get treated on the funniest day of the year, the sports day. Fun for kids but also for grownups.

It was an amazing trip. If I can give you a tip, fill up a pick-up with food and snacks and go visit this place. It’s like time stood still…

A shout out to the cooking crew, this year but every year: you are so great! You fill all our bellies for four days. But also they cook for the kids. And they LOVED it.

We are a merry band of volunteers; everyone has his part to play to make this adventure a success from start to finish!

The Kharma Foundation = the awesome Volunteers + The kind Donations.

We cannot do it without you people!!

Kind regards,

The Volunteers of the KF