Kharma Foundation 2011

Taken at Baan Mae Gon, Mae Hong Son

Baan Mae Gon… What a dream place for a simple Western boy like myself. But all of us, all volunteers were mesmerized by the beauty of the dissolute place far away in the jungle, far from any civilization, far from even a mobile phone connection point.

A poor small school. Friendliest kids that were scared at first… “I see white people!!”

We build some small things like mushroom houses, frog and fishpond and upgraded the dorms. The girls were sleeping on the floor which is dangerous with snakes about. We build beds and had mattresses and blankets… comfy!

Mosquito netting everywhere and we had loads of food, school equipment and sports equipment with us. A great sports day followed in the end and the final evening was the funniest ever with all the kids high on sugar running around like maniacs. Never seen such an energetic party, and I have been on gabber parties for Christ sake lol

The trip was 100% success and made me and many others fall in love with this little speck on the map… We will be back!

Ps. we had awesome help from all our volunteers! And may I say what awesome pictures… 🙂

Kind regards,

The Volunteers of the KF