Kharma Foundation 2010

Taken in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

This was the first year where we had to split in two groups as the goal of helping 4 schools from the Border Patrol Police in Kanchanaburi province was too much to visit with one group. We had to travel miles upon miles through jungle paths, over mountains and even crossing lakes by boat.

The scenery was breathtaking… The police were so kind. Both Scott and I had just lost our best friends in close succession so this year we donated all the goods in the name of Dan Mapstone and Niels Groeneweg, may you forever have peace and love from all of us…

It was a great success. Sorry that some of the pictures feature a young kid a lot but he was our photographer haha…

With the donations and placards we made in the name of Dan and Niels the Kharma Foundation will live on for a long time in this region!

Kind regards,

The volunteers