Pattaya, 16-3-2017

Dear donors and friends of the KF,

Very happy the 10th anniversary of the Kharma Foundation (KF) was a success. “Kharma Goes Valentine 2017” is finalized with our safe return from the Northern Mountains of the Tak province. The thing that rests me is to give you an update of what was achieved.

We visited two schools; first the Por Bu La Kee School and second the Lae Pho Dae School. The surrounding nature is breath taking but you can easily see why both schools do not get many visitors and at both schools we were the first white people to arrive. This was easy to see on the faces of the kids.

A quick look at the numbers:

We managed to get donations from all over the world, of course Holland, England, Australia, India, Thailand, France, and other countries. The total amount this year is 1.015.380 baht (approx 26.720 euro) which is a great result considering the difficult times the world is going through. Due to late donations we did not manage to schedule in all them money for goods to bring with us, so we have 50.345 left; meaning we spent 965.035 baht. The money that is left will be spent on 2 requests of the Lae Pho Dae school: a inverter for their power supply and 500 meter of hose to get a better water supply.
The remainder then will go to the next projects.

The donations were spent on:

  • Rebuilding of the two dormitories for both schools.
  • Two 2000 liter water tanks for both schools so they have more water supplies in dry times.
  • New mattresses, pillows, blankets, mosquito nets & towels for the kids that sleep at the school.
  • The Por Bu La Kee School received an awesome playground for the small kids to enjoy.
  • All children got a personal teddy bear.
  • All kinds of school and learning material and of course sports equipment like footballs, volley balls, badminton rackets, football nets, volley ball nets and much more.
  • For personal hygiene we donated soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste for all children.
  • Last but not least we bought 4 computers, 2 each for both schools for the kids to play with and to learn with. All computers were filled with learning material and games.

I know I always write too much and too long. So this year I will keep it more professional and to the point and will write a more elaborate story on the website in the near future.

It was, once more, an amazing trip. It takes some planning, it takes some stressing, but when it is all done it is a great feeling. And all of this is done via 0.00000001% of the world coming together for a positive course. Sometimes you wonder what if the whole world cared a bit more for others…

“If everyone cared a bit more for others as they would care for themselves, the world would be a much better place” is a quote I saw a few years back and it holds so much truth. I am extremely proud you as donors give us the possibility to do this. I say we as this is a team effort. Noodle, Lucy, Scott have been unmissable and the other volunteers like Mark, Nat and Charlie also have been brilliant. Together we are blessed as donors and volunteers.

Thank you so very much for your ongoing support. 10 years of Kharma Foundation = 10 years of helping kids that can use a hand! Thank you so much!

Kindest regards,

The Volunteers of the KF