What is “the Kharma Foundation”?

The Kharma Foundation is a non-profit group of volunteers in Thailand that once a year try to help children in poverty. We focus on the schools in the hard to reach areas of rural Thailand. Over the 13 years we mainly focused on the border region between Thailand and Myanmar, but we have also been to Esaarn (North East) and in the Deep troubled South of Thailand.

All volunteers that join us are also donors and pay for their own travel and expenses.
ALL donations are one hundred percent going to the children and teachers of that year’s school.
Thank you for your interest and please help us make a difference together!

Who are the “the Kharma Foundation”?

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Next Kharma Foundation Project:

Valentine’s day 2020 is the date we hope to have received enough donations
for the wish list of the school Tho Hare and when the building of the dormitory
and toilets are finished we will visit the school in the 2nd week of March 2020 🙂